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316 Stainless Steel Temperature Milk Frothing jug/Latte Pourer/Cappuccino Coffee jug/Barista steam Pitcher 600 ml

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Our foam pitcher set including one milk frothing pitcher and one decorating jug, can help you Creating micro-foam is a challenge even for the professional. It requires introducing the right amount of air, integrating it evenly throughout the milk, as well as frothing to the right temperature. Above 60 C milk fat start to separate from the proteins in the milk, creating a watery layer and making micro-foam difficult to achieve.The Temp Control Milk Jug has an integrated thermometer indicator strip to help you texture milk to the optimum temperature range. Temperature markings shown in both Celsius and Fahrenheit with a range of 37 C to 70 C. It is made with premium thick gauge stainless steel with a spout designed for pouring latte art.

About this item

  • Made in 316 stainless steel
  • Durable as make in 316 steel
  • solid peak which dont get spoil
  • no 1 quality
  • unbreakable


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