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barista 58 mm click coffee tamper coffee pressing tamping tool with calibrated spring

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exquisite espresso distributor spring calibrated tamper: is a precision factory-calibrated, force-feedback tamper that takes the most important variable out of making the perfect espresso. It is a spring-loaded tamper that fully compresses at optimal tamping pressure. this allows you to get a consistent tamp and to produce consistent shots. For us, extracting a good cup of coffee has a lot to do with how well the coffee powder is tamped, which is why we are always working on making the best-calibrated tamper. We also offer a newly upgraded calibrated tamper with a standard 30-pound pressure to ensure the best possible tamping, and a creative new balance block to ensure an evenly balanced espresso flavor. coffee lovers will encounter a problem is that each time the production of coffee will have a residual coffee powder covered the table. So we introduced the coffee dosing funnel, which can be matched with your handle, coffee powder can accurately fall into the handle filter basket, to prevent the coffee powder splash from leading to waste, keep the table neat and clean! Now, for the perfectionist who wants a great espresso, you can simply use our Calibrated tamper to create the best-flavored espresso. It ensures that the ground coffee in your bottomless naked portafilter handle is thoroughly compacted for even and consistent pressure every time, so let your Espresso coffee be better!


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