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Stainless Steel Coffee Cocoa Shaker with Coarse Lid

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Stainless Steel Coffee Cocoa Shaker with Coarse Lid

Stainless steel Cocoa Sprinkler in Stainless steel for cappuccinos and lattes. Comes with a lid fitted with mesh. This is a wider mesh to allow coarser chocolate.

With the coarse top you get small chocolate beads which tend to caramelize externally and remain power inside.  It is used to sprinkle evenly the coffee with cocoa powder or cinnamon powder to enhance flavor of have Moisture-proof lid which is sealed with plastic.

Just put coffee powder in this cocoa shaker and sprinkle over your coffee and decorate it as you want. You can use this for decorate your cake or cupcakes too.

This cocoa shaker may help to make your coffee more beautiful-  C3540 

  • Equipped with a coarse top guaranteeing a fine quality performance
  • Sprinkle cocoa, cinnamon or any other flavor powder you like
  • Baristaa cocoa shaker useful for both residential and commercial use
  • Multipurpose tool( shaking paper, salt or chocolate powder, cake decorator)
  • Top’s small holes gives you perfect ammount of powder for your coffee
  • Ideal for home, coffee shops or restaurants.
  • Useful and convenient to use and clean
  • Cover blocks the moisture of the air and keep the rest coffee dry and fresh
  • With this you can teach your kids how to decorate coffee cups or many other things



Coarse Chocolate Shaker is a fine tool suitable for both perfect for professional and at-home baristas. Made from commercial quality stainless steel with coarse mesh lid which helps to add a different level of finesse to any beverage. Whether it’s putting the finishing touches on your cappuccino or your hot chocolate, this is the perfect addition to any barista’s toolkit. It’s used for “dusting” a cappuccino with cocoa powder, powdered sugar, powdered cinnamon, or any other powdered seasoning.


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